• I searched everywhere for original and unique wedding favors for my guests. I am so pleased that I chose cookbook favors. All of my guests absolutely loved their favors and can enjoy them for years to come. I would absolutely recommend these favors to any bride!;)

    Karly Via Weddingwire.com
  • I love my Cookbookfavors, they are so personalized and special! All of my friends and family who attended my wedding have commented how amazing and unique my wedding favors are. These Cookbookfavors could be made for so many events and occasions. They truly give you the desire to try one of the recipes. The customer service was excellent all the way! I couldn't be happier with my experience with Cookbookfavors, The Cookbookfavors will add that special personalized touch to any occasion.

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com
  • The cookbook favors was a wonderful idea, so unique. I have been to so many weddings with favors that will get lost or eaten, this favor will be treasured by my guests for a very long time. Cookbookfavors service was outstanding and they were so willing to listen to my requests and answer all my questions. The quality of the cookbook is great. We got so many compliments on what a great idea it was. I am glad our money was well spent on a favor that got everyone excited about cooking :))

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com
  • They turned out WAY better than I expected and my guests just could not stop telling me how thrilled they were to have the cookbook (and to have my families recipe for our lasagna finally!!) Great idea, great price - loved it!

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com
  • We were so pleased with our cook book favors. It was great having such an original favor, that our guest LOVED. I still have family and friends raving about them. The website was easy to navigate through and the employees were extremely helpful. Thank you cookbookfavors.com, you truly made our wedding extra special!

    Kelly & Steven Via Weddingwire.com
  • We loved our cookbook favors and so did our guest!!! We still have people calling and texting us on how amazing and useful these wedding favors are for them :) We wanted to make sure that our favors would not just get tossed in the trash or be a waste of money for us. The vendors created such an awesome keepsake not only for us, but also for our guest that we can all cherish and use for the rest of our lives!!! The vendors were also very accommodating and a joy to work with because they truly had the same passion that we had while going through our wedding journey!!! We have already made referrals and will continue to because of how much we loved the cookbook favors and the postive experience with the vendors!!! The Gullo's

    The Gullo's Via Weddingwire.com
  • I absolutely loved our Eat Drink and Be Merry cookbook wedding favors. They were such a hit at our wedding and loved by all of our guests. My mom and grandmother also felt special because many family recipes were included.

    Danica Via Weddingwire.com
  • I absolutely loved these cook book favors. Such a great and unique idea for weddings. I have guests constantly telling me how much they love them and getting the new recipes. I highly recommend top notch product and service!

    Jackie Via Weddingwire.com
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with cookbookfavors.com. The service was exceptional and the quality of the cookbooks were beautiful. They were the perfect favors for our guests at our wedding. They were so personal and everyone loved them. I love that it was such a unique gift to give our guests, something that was a reflection of us and our love for cooking. Thank you cookbookfavors for making our special day so perfect! I would definitely recommend cookbookfavors for any special occasion!

    Linda Via Weddingwire.com
  • One of the best choices I made!! I was so incredibly happy with every detail of cookbookfavors from the quality of service, friendliness, price and products!! I HIGHLY recommend to all!!!

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com
  • These personalized cookbook favors were a HUGE hit at my wedding. I got a numerous amount of compliments on how unique and special they are. Giving the cookbooks to all my family and friends was definitely the perfect way to thank everyone for helping my new husband and I celebrate our special day! I will for sure recommend these wedding favors to every new bride to be.

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com
  • I searched and searched for the perfect favors for our wedding...this idea is so adorable. I absolutely love the quality of these personalized cookbooks. I really wanted a meaningful favor to give to my guests at my wedding, and to this day I still get compliments from our friends and family of how awesome the cookbooks from our wedding are. Don't get some cheap thing from the dollar store that people are going to throw away before they even leave your wedding. Get something that will last years and years and remind people of how special that day was and how thankful you were that they were there to share the day with you. I highly recommend doing the personalized photo covers.

    Anonymous Via Weddingwire.com

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